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More and more houses in the UK are now looking to be integrated with a smart home set up in mind. With technology changing and improving year on year, Home Automation is a more advanced and harmonious way of controlling areas within your property.

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Being a Registered partner of Loxone, and utilising the knowledge and skillset we have, Blue Electrical Contractors Ltd can install a system that will bring together features such as Lighting, Heating, Gate/Intercom controls, Audio & Visual, Security, and many more, to a central point via an iPhone, iPad, or custom wall controller.

The result is a seamless integration of comfort, aesthetics, and technology allowing for a bespoke interaction between the client and the property.

The two main types of Home Automation are hard wired using Category Cable, or remotely via WiFi. Both options will have a Hub in which the brains of the system are controlled from. The option chosen usually depends on the size and complexity of the system being designed and installed.

We are looking to work alongside Residential Care Homes in the future, offering a package whereby a single room being occupied by an elderly family member or disabled person has the ability to access all of their hard to manage items from one easily usable central point. For example, a camera within the room allows for family members at home, or anywhere in the world, to be that little bit closer, and watch over them for peace of mind. Residents with disabilities can access Lighting, TV & Music Controls, opening and closing of Curtains/Blinds, and having a direct link to staff within the care home and in other locations when not close by. We feel there is a gap in the market for a bespoke room by room package tailored to each individual and their needs.

Should you require a more detailed and visual look into what Home Automation can do for you, we can arrange to take you around one of our showrooms, and give you demonstrations as to how we can create the ultimate bespoke package suited for your needs.

Please do get in touch with us to arrange a visit, discuss options, and work towards building a bespoke Home Automation set up of your own.

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